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Port Zeebrugge is a small port in Belgium. the port mainly handles: new cars, general cargo and RoRo. The port employs 11.000 people and it gives 28000 jobs. Owner of the port is the city Bruge. In the past Zeebrugge was a fishery port. Do's: Contact the shipvisitor-port chaplain. Use the bus of the Seammen Centre, it's free Go shopping to the local supermarket Carrefour. They take dollars. Don't Remain on the ship if at all possible. Going away from the ship sometimes gives you a change of perspective. Leave the ship without some kind of ID card
Map showing the location of Zeebrugge

About The Port

The port consists of Zeebrugge Outer Harbour handling containers, LNG, passengers and Ro-Ro, Zeebrugge Inner Harbour handling bulk, containers, food and Ro-Ro and the port of Bruges handling bulk. The Zeebrugge Outer Harbour is connected with Zeebrugge Inner Harbour via the Pierre Vandamme Lock to the Verbindingsdok and via the Visart Sea Lock to Boudewijnkanaal (Baudouin Canal). The port of Bruges is connected with the Zeebrugge Inner Harbour via the Boudewijnkanaal.

North Sea, in Flanders, NW Belgium. Bruges: At the southern end of Boudewijnkanaal, approx. 11.5 km. (6.2 n.m.) south of Zeebrugge.

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