China 04.59 (Asia/Shanghai)
Xiamen is a port city on China’s southeast coast, across a strait from Taiwan. It encompasses 2 main islands and a region on the mainland. Formerly known as Amoy, it was a foreign concession from 1903 to World War II. Many Europeans and Japanese lived on Gulangyu, today a vehicle-free island with beaches and meandering streets lined with old colonial villas.
Map showing the location of Xiamen

About The Port

Regional port primarily handling dry cargo, but also handling chemicals and petroleum products. Imported cargoes include granite, steel products, iron ore, coal, grain and chemicals. Export cargoes include granite products and minerals.

In Fujian Province, on the mid-east coast of the country, adjacent to the Taiwan Strait, and approx. 260 n.m. NE of Hong Kong.

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