Madagascar 09.31 (Indian/Antananarivo)
Drug smuggling is a serious offence. Punishments can be severe. There are no laws against homosexuality. Paying for sex is punishable by 5 to 10 years imprisonment and / or a fine of €1,500 to €7,000. The campaign against sexual abuse of under age children (under 18 years) is strictly enforced with particular regard to foreign tourists. Identity cards of women are often faked. You should carry a certified copy of your ID with you at all times. The police often stop vehicles and pedestrians to check papers, particularly late at night. The import and export of foodstuffs (including fruit), protected plants and animals is illegal. There’s a ban on the export of all crocodile products. Non-residents may take up to 1kg of precious and semi-precious stones out of the country as long as you provide proper receipts. Residents may only take out 250 grams. You may only take 100 grams of vanilla out of the country.
Map showing the location of Toamasina

About The Port

Madagascar's primary port, protected by a combination of artificial breakwater and coral reef. Port handles containers, passengers, petroleum, Ro-Ro, fish, dry bulk, breakbulk and general cargo.

On the east coast, approx. 210 km. NE of Antananarivo.

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