China 19.59 (Asia/Shanghai)
Shantou, also known as Swatow or Santow, is a prefecture-level city on the eastern coast of Guangdong province, China.
Map showing the location of Shantou

About The Port

Multipurpose port with facilities to handle dry and liquid bulk, containers and general cargoes. The port is divided into Second, Third and Fourth districts and includes the HPH operated Shantou International Container Terminal (SICT). Guang Ao port area is approx. 14 km. to the south of Shantou and handles dry and liquid bulk, LPG, containers and general cargo. Haimen port area is approx. 18 km. south of Shantou, berthing facilities for LPG vessels. Adjacent power station.

At the mouths of the Han, Rong and Lian rivers in Guangdong Province, SE China. Approx. 170 n.m. NE of Hong Kong.

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