San Francisco

United States 18.47 (America/Los_Angeles)
Laws vary from state to state. When you are physically present in a state, even temporarily, you are subject to that state’s laws. You must carry a passport showing that you have leave to enter or remain with you at all times. Possession or trafficking of a controlled substance in the United States can carry a severe prison sentence and/or fine. Check with each state you are intending to visit to make sure you comply with the personal possession and consumption laws of controlled substances within those states. A list of all types of controlled substances, as listed under the Controlled Substances Act, can be found on the US Department of Justice website. Details of the assistance offered by the British Embassy and Consulates to British nationals if arrested or detained in the USA is available on GOV.UK.
Map showing the location of San Francisco

About The Port

Multipurpose port handling dry and liquid bulk, including tallow and vegetable oils, aggregates, containers and general cargo. The port has drydock facilities up to 66,000 tons capacity.

West coast USA, at the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula.

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