Oman 17.12 (Asia/Muscat)
Salalah is the capital city of southern Oman's Dhofar province. It's known for its banana plantations, Arabian Sea beaches and waters teeming with sea life. The Khareef, an annual monsoon, transforms the desert terrain into a lush, green landscape and creates seasonal waterfalls. The Frankincense Land Museum, part of the Al Balid Archaeological Site, recounts the city’s maritime history and role in the spice trade. The port is located to the west of the city.
Map showing the location of Salalah

About The Port

A deep water port and main container transshipment hub for the region. Also handles a variety of solid and liquid bulk cargoes as well as passenger and naval vessels. The Government of Oman has established a Free Trade Zone at Salalah.

In the southern region of Oman, 12 km. SW of Salalah, 100 km. from the border with Yemen.

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