Réunion 11.25 (Indian/Reunion)
Réunion is a French Overseas Territory. There is no formal British diplomatic representation on the island. Drugs, alcohol-related and traffic incidents are dealt with similarly to mainland France.
Map showing the location of Reunion

About The Port

Reunion Port is a multipurpose port made of up two distinct zones, 3 km. apart. West Port (Port Ouest) opened in 1886, and East Port (Port Est) was inaugurated a century later, in 1986. Handles liquid bulk cargoes including liquefied gas, dry bulk, containers, Ro-Ro, general and passengers. Also handles naval vessels.

On the NW corner of the island of Reunion, approx. 10-12 n.m. west of the capital Saint Denis. East Port: In Baie de la Possession, Lat. 20°54.50.S, Long. 055°19.40.E West Port:

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