China 05.52 (Asia/Shanghai)
Qinhuangdao is a port city on the coast of China located in northeastern Hebei province. It is administratively a prefecture-level city, located about 300 km east of Beijing, on the Bohai Sea, the innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea.
Map showing the location of Qinhuangdao

About The Port

Ice-free port. World's largest bulk and coal exporting port, handling coal, containers, crude, fertilisers, grain, ore and petroleum products. Main exports coal, grain and steel products. Main imports coking coal, fertilisers, grain, iron ore, oil, soya beans and steel products. Port has direct rail links and is close to federal highways to Beijing, Tianjin and Shenyang.

In the NE of China, on the Gulf of Liaotung. Shanhaiguan: Lat. 39°58.58.N, Long. 119°49.51.E

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