China 10.54 (Asia/Shanghai)
Ningbo, a major port and industrial hub in east China's Zhejiang province, lies south of Shanghai on Hangzhou Bay. It's home to the 1516 landmark Tian Yi Ge, one of the country's oldest libraries. Ningbo Museum, known for its nature-inspired traditional architecture, exhibits regional artifacts dating to the Neolithic Hemudu culture. Bounded by shopping arcades, Tianyi Square features a towering musical fountain.
Map showing the location of Ningbo

About The Port

Port includes five port areas and comprises the old port of Ningbo, Beilun, Zhenhai, Daxie and Suanshan. The whole port area is made up of river ports, estuary harbours and sea ports. It is a modern, multipurpose port with berths of all levels. The port handles oil, dry bulk, timber, steel, cement, passengers and containers.

Beilun Harbour is on the southern side of the Hangzhou Bay (Hangzhou Wan), approx. 78 n.m. SSE of Shanghai. Beilun Port District: Lat. 29°58.N, Long. 121°53.E Daxie Island (Dao) District: Lat. 29°55.N, Long. 121°58.E Ningbo Port District: Lat. 29°56.N, Long. 121°53.E

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