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Don’t become involved with drugs in any way. Possession of even very small quantities can lead to imprisonment of up to 15 years. The judicial process is slow and prison conditions are very harsh. Simply being in the company of someone who is using drugs is sufficient grounds for arrest. From the time of arrest, it can take two years before you even appear before a judge.
Map showing the location of Manzanillo

About The Port

One of four port areas at the Atlantic end of the Panama Canal. Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) is primarily a container transshipment facility servicing major line-haul carriers and many feeder services with connections throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. General cargo and Ro-Ro also handled. The facility is privately managed and operated by Manzanillo International Terminal, Panama SA. The National Port Authority is represented on-site and maintains vessel traffic control functions. Port has rail links. Panama Free Zone (Colon City) is adjacent to the port.

In the Bay of Manzanillo, adjacent to France Field (Colon Free Zone), east of the Atlantic entrance to the Canal.

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