South Korea 03.29 (Asia/Seoul)
Incheon, a South Korean city bordering the capital of Seoul, has long been a transportation hub. The ultramodern, massive Incheon International Airport, with railway connections to Seoul, features a casino, spa and golf course.
Map showing the location of Incheon

About The Port

One of the country's hub ports servicing the capital Seoul. The port comprises facilities in Incheon (North Port, Outer Harbour, Inner Harbour, South Port), Gyeong-In, Incheon New Port and Kim-Po. Port handles bulk, containers, Ro-Ro, dry and liquid bulk, fishing and general cargo vessels. Yonghung thermal power plant is situated on Yeongjong-Do, approx. 16 n.m. SW of Incheon

On the west coast, 35 km. west of Seoul. Gyeong-In: Lat. 37°33.42.N, Long. 126°35.51.E Incheon New Port: Lat. 37°20.17.N, Long. 126°35.01.E Kim-Po: Lat. 37°35.46.N, Long. 126°47.29.E

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