Russia 10.52 (Asia/Vladivostok)
De-Kastri is a rural locality in Ulchsky District of Khabarovsk Krai, Russia.
Map showing the location of De-kastri

About The Port

Exports from De-Kastri consist entirely of timber and oil products. The principal oil cargo handled is gas oil. The port is affected by ice during the winter season. Pack ice up to 0.6 m. thick blocks De-Kastri Bay between December and April. The Port authorities endeavour to keep the port operational during this period by the use of Ice-Class vessels and icebreakers, and timber exports are maintained. Oil export is carried out all year round from the anchorage underwater oil pipeline. Crude oil from the Sakhalin-1 offshore facility (operated by ENL) is exported via an SPM off the port handling vessels up to double-hulled Aframax class.

At the head and on the western shore of the Strait of Tartar (western point of Chikhachev Bay).

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