Germany 14.22 (Europe/Berlin)
You don’t have to carry your passport with you while in Germany, but the police are currently carrying out more frequent ID checks. If you’re asked to show your passport and you don’t have it with you, the police may escort you to wherever your passport is being kept so that you can show it to them.
Map showing the location of Bremen

About The Port

Port comprises Farge Oil Terminal, Car Terminal Egerland, Mittelsburener Hafen/Osterort, Kap Horn and Werfthafen areas on the river Weser. Non-tidal basins are Industriehafen, Neustadter Hafen, Getreidehafen/Holz und Fabrikenhafen and Hohentorshafen. Non-tidal basins are protected by Oslebshausen Lock. Main port activities are the handling of general cargo, containers, vehicles, bulk cargo, project logistics and forest products. Port handles international shipping lines and European feeder services, inland waterway connection to the German and Central European canal network.

Situated on the River Weser, approx. 32 n.m. upriver from Bremerhaven in NW Germany.

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Port Services

ITF Inspectors

Susan Linderkamp

Assistant Coordinator
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+49 1511 2 666 006

Sven Hemme

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+49 151 27037384