Bahia Blanca

Argentina 06.56 (America/Cordoba)
Don’t become involved with illegal drugs of any kind. Possession of even very small quantities can lead to a lengthy prison sentence. The government of Argentina has stated that it intends to pursue legal action against oil and gas companies engaged in hydrocarbons exploration in the Falkland Islands. If you’re travelling to Argentina and think you may be affected by this type of legal action, you should seek independent legal advice and make contact with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Map showing the location of Bahia Blanca

About The Port

Multipurpose port, handles dry and liquid bulk, LPG, containers and general cargo. Port Authority is Consorcio de Gestion del Puerto de Bahia Blanca (CGPBB). Comprises the port areas of Ingeniero White, Puerto Galvan, Puerto Rosales, Punta Ancla and Punta Ciguena.

In Bahia Blanca Bay on Argentina's central coast, approx. 320 n.m. SW of Buenos Aires.

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