Egypt 15.41 (Africa/Cairo)
Alexandria Governorate is one of the governorates of Egypt.It was previously known as the capital of Egypt, and now it is considered as the second capital after Cairo
Map showing the location of Alexandria

About The Port

Alexandria: Port is protected by 2 breakwaters, entrance width approx. 365 m. Divided into 2 harbours separated by coal berths and the inner breakwater. The first harbour, inner dock and the second harbour, outer harbour have total water area of 6,000,000 sq.m. (600 ha). First harbour primarily handles general cargo and second harbour oil and bulk cargo. El-Dekheila: Port is protected by 1 breakwater approx. length 2,250 m., with depth 2.74-5.8 m. adjacent to the breakwater reaching depth 10.0-14.0 m. within the basin. Total water area of 2,740,000 sq.m. (274 ha).

On the Mediterranean coast, 230 km. west of Port Said.

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